36-year-old Benjamin Parsons of Kalispell has been identified as the victim of an avalanche that occurred in Glacier National Park on Thursday, January 5.

GNP spokeswoman Lauren Alley says the 911 call came in around 3:15 after a skiing companion witnessed the avalanche.

"The park received a 911 call from a skier that was up on Mt. Stanton and the caller said that his skiing companion had been caught in an avalanche," Alley said. "We initiated a rescue effort in partnership with the Flathead County Sheriff's Department, we launched Two Bear Air, a rescue aircraft, which was able to get up to the mountain and get the victim down."

The companion that called 911 joined in the search effort, eventually finding Parsons.

"His companion was not in the avalanche path, and was able to make the 911 call," Parsons said. "The victim had been hit by the avalanche, but was above snow, which helped his companion find him. They both had avalanche beacons and his companion did do a transceiver search, but in the end they discovered him by voice."

Parsons was found conscious and able to speak, but died during the rescue attempt.

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