The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for western Montana roads for Wednesday, January 8.

Forecaster Jeff Kitzmiller said the light snow that fell overnight has affected one particular section of Highway 93.

"It's not necessarily for any certain amount of snow, but just for some slick roads," Kitzmiller said. "I think the one place we're really worried about is around the "S" curves on Highway 93 South between Missoula and Lolo. We've seen return there more often than anywhere else around us, so that would probably be the most slick area."

Montana Highway Patrol trooper Shawn Silvan said there was one spin-out early Wednesday morning on the "S" curves, and asked drivers to use caution in the area. Silvan was also investigating a one-vehicle rollover that occurred at about 4 a.m. at exit 109 on Interstate 90 near East Missoula.

Forecaster Jeff Kitzmiller


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