"Shouldn’t BuzzFeed just sit this one out?" That response probably summed it up best. I mean, if anyone, from any outlet should probably give it a rest- it is definitely BuzzFeed.

You know BuzzFeed, the outlet that just last weekend got called out across the board for printing a false news report about President Trump and the Mueller investigation. As Chuck Todd, the host of NBC's Meet the Press, was fretting that news media critics would use the BuzzFeed scandal to "tar all media," the rest of the media decided to tar themselves by repeating the fake news story concerning the Covington Catholic high school kids in DC.

While the apologies from liberals and conservatives alike, including Hollywood celebrities, started rolling in on behalf of the Covington Catholic school kids, a BuzzFeed writer in Missoula, Montana decided to double down with a sexist rant via Twitter.



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