Kids around Western Montana can stay active and improve their sports skills through summer Grizzly sports camps that start soon.

Assistant Lady Griz basketball coach Trish Duce has details about the 2013 women's basketball camps.

"We've got three different camps that we offer for kids," Duce said. "The first is a team camp, where you would bring your grade-school or high-school team, and it's for kids who have completed grades five through eleven."

There are two other Grizzly basketball camps available for girls in the summer.

"Our biggest camp is our overnight camp that's June 16 through 19 for kids who have completed grades nine through eleven. This is our most intense camp," Duce said. "It starts on Sunday at noon and ends on Wednesday at noon, and we play all day long. We play five on five, three on three, one on one, free-throw competitions, all day long."

Duce said there is a camp just right for younger girls, as well.

"We also have a day camp in July, and that's for kids who have completed kindergarten through eighth grade," Duce said. "It's a little more laid back, and goes for three hours a day, Monday through Thursday."

Assistant Lady Griz basketball coach Trish Duce

There are costs involved for each camp, and more information is available at the GoGriz website.

Other camps are available for men's basketball, football, soccer, tennis, track and field and volleyball.

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