Back by popular demand, Marc Malone came back to Montana armed with specifics on everything from the threat of the American Prairie Reserve (APR) to "Project Recode" in Billings.

Marc Malone is the founder of America 21. He delivered a presentation to the Montana GOP back in the summer of 2021 about how the globalists are working to enact their agenda at the local level- including right here in Montana. His presentation was so popular they brought him back.

The Big Sky Worldview Forum teamed up with several county GOP groups to bring Malone to Billings recently. He also joined us for an hour-long statewide radio show. We talked about the threat to Montana's farms and ranches, as foreign funded outfits like the APR look to remove the ranchers from the land.

Marc Malone: If you control the land, you control the people of Montana.

We also talked about the Great Reset and the World Economic Forum.

What about "Project Recode" in Billings:

Malone: Project Recode is a great example of how sustainable development is essentially leading to this can start to see that if you don't meet the renewable energy sources, the Sustainable Development quotas, you can't actually work under have to meet United Nations quotas to even build a project under Project Recode.

Here is the full podcast audio, in two parts, with Marc Malone.

Here's more from our previous conversation with Malone following his presentation at the Montana GOP convention.



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