The jail is overcrowded, but somehow they have room for this? Very good question from John Jackson via Twitter after we shared this news update on the radio Thursday morning.

According to KTVQ-TV, the local CBS TV station, a Billings woman who was shot by police inside a local hospital emergency room is now facing charges. However, the suspect is not a woman. The suspect is a transgender woman. In other words, the suspect is a man who identifies as a woman.

That news raised another interesting question from Jamie in Columbus (see below). Is the suspect behind bars? If so, are they on the women's side of the jail, or the men's side of the jail?

According to Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder, the suspect- who goes by the name Panda- is being held in a gender neutral cell near the booking area.

That prompted John Jackson to raise this question:

We had some other listener reactions this AM as well:

Right on John in Paradise Valley: "They are still labeling the shooter at the Billings clinic a woman. Someone should tell CBS the truth."


Jamie in Columbus: "I wonder if Panda is being detained in a men’s or women’s facility? Or maybe the zoo?"


Tim in Savage: "Man shot by police.....what if he identified as a furry? Would the media report "cat, who is called Fuzzy Tummy" is being held at the local vet clinic pending charges and a bail hearing"? The MSM falls all over themselves to play along with these mentally ill individuals and is sucking in everyone in an attempt to create a new normal......wait, haven't we heard that term before......."

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