OK. Yes. I got it. I've seen it. It's 745 at night. I just got back from a kid's basketball practice, and I figured I better post this video so everybody knows they can stop sending me the video now.

(Of course I say this all in good fun- thanks to everyone for the great tips)

For those of you who haven't seen it, the same day that Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) announced his run for president, the GOP unleashed an embarrassing clip of Bullock struggling to answer a basic question: "What have you been proudest to achieve as governor?"

Here's the video:

All I know is: someone should have hit the "EMERGENCY GAS SHUT-OFF" button behind Bullock.

America Rising shared the video, which is quickly going viral, via Twitter. They added:

Despite being in office for nearly seven years, struggled to name a single accomplishment. Watch as he twists his way through his disastrous answer:

Dayammmmm. Buddy, seriously. If you’re running for president you better be prepared for the question, “uhm, who are you and why should I vote for you?” And when that is asked, you better damn well have a better response than, “uhm, I’m a dad.” Wow. NOT that there’s anything wrong with dads, I would vote for a dad for president. BUT. You need more than that. So, uh, google yourself and see what, if any, qualifications for president you might have accidentally picked up, nameless Monday governor.