Late last year we were able to catch up with a great organization based in Wolf Point, Montana. It's an organization that is helping teachers in rural Montana, particularly on our reservations.

Morgan Elliott runs the faith-based "Tikkun Olam" in memory of her mom-Jana Elliott- who worked as a teacher and a parent on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.

Here's part of "Tikkun Olam's" mission:

In a community lacking in comfortable, safe housing, the school systems on the Reservation have struggled to recruit young professionals into northeastern Montana. By providing rent-free housing, Tikkun Olam is encouraging some of the most caring, motivated, and inspiring teachers from across the country to a place of need. Our vision is to bring life back into the classroom and get kids excited about coming to school again.

Recently, KRTV did a great profile on Tikkun Olam.

It’s a Hebrew phrase- Tikkun Olam- to repair the world.” Morgan Elliot says her late mother, North Side School Teacher Jana Elliot, was inspired by that phrase after a trip to Israel. “And she just knew right away that’s what we need to do on the (Fort Peck) reservation.”

We also had a chance to feature the organization on our Montana Talks statewide radio show around Christmas time. Click here for the KRTV coverage. Full audio of our show with Morgan Elliott can be found below.


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