We are lucky in Western Montana to have some really delicious restaurant, here are my favorites for Valentine's Day coming up this weekend. Remember just because I chose them as my top 5 favorites doesn't mean you can still make reservations. If you don't have plans yet, call immediately and get your reservation made.


  • 1

    The Depot

    201 West Railroad in Missoula

    The Depot is always delicious! The Depot Deck is fantastic, but for Valentine's Day go to the dining room and get some wine for that delicious Prime Rib.

  • 2

    The Keep

    102 Ben Hogan Drive in Missoula

    The food and the view are amazing. If you haven't tried the Rack of Lamb, you will not be disappointed.

  • 3

    Finn & Porter

    100 Madison Street Bridge in Missoula

    While the Happy Hour is fantastic, Finn and Porter is a wonderful date destination. If you aren't sure what to order go for the Surf & Turf!

  • 4

    Lolo Creek Steakhouse

    6600 US - 12 in Lolo

    Living down in Lolo, I frequent here a little too much. Never once have I been disappointed, it's delicious every single bit. Order the Rib-Eye

  • 5

    Montana Club

    On Brooks and Reserve Streets in Missoula

    Montana Club is even offering a special 'Lovers Delight' 4-course meal including Steak, Lobster, and Crab. Yummy!

  • BONUS!

    Griz Fight Song!

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