A transient from Florida, 33 year-old Brian Flowers, was accused of felony criminal production or manufacture of dangerous drugs in Missoula Justice Court on Monday.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Mac Bloom told substitute Judge Nik Geranious that Flowers and a woman identified as Risa Hill had attempted to build a meth lab inside a storage unit.

"Judge, in this case, we're going to ask for $50,000 in bail," Bloom said. "The State believes the defendant is a danger to the community. He was charged with creating a meth lab in a storage unit."

The storage unit was located on Harlequin Court in Missoula.

Bloom went on to catalog Flowers' extensive criminal history.

"These charges include felony assault of a firefighter, burglary, grand theft, robbery, felony vehicle theft, and he's also been charged with felony possession of meth with intent to distribute. The State also believes the defendant is a flight risk, he has already failed to appear in court in 2013, and he has two arrests in one day for contempt of court."

Judge Geranious agreed, and placed Flowers back in the Missoula County Jail on $50,000 bond, with his next court appearance in mid May.


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