Hey may be on vacation from his radio gig, but he's still out checking on cows- and listening to the radio, of course. We got a great phone call into our statewide radio show from Paul Mushaben, one of "The Breakfast Flakes" on Cat Country in Billings, Montana.

One lady called in to "Montana Talks" and said she heard a theory that former President Donald Trump would run for the US House of Representatives, be named Speaker of the House after the GOP takes back control of the House, and then the House could impeach Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Donald Trump could then be sworn in as president once again, according to this theory.

That prompted the call from Mushaben in his pickup while he was out feeding cows.

Paul Mushaben (The Breakfast Flakes): I needed to clear everybody up on this Trump becoming speaker becoming president of the United States. It'll never happen, and I'll tell you why. It won't happen. Because that only happens, the speaker only becomes president should the President and Vice President, for instance, be killed in an attack on the country. If they're both killed. At the same time. If we were to impeach Joe Biden, he gets his own trial. Joe Biden would get his own impeachment trial. If he's found guilty and is removed from office, Kamala Harris automatically becomes president, of which, at that very time, she has to by Constitution appoint a new vice president. If they then would impeach Kamala Harris, and she's found guilty, then her vice president that she picked would become president and the succession goes on.

And, of course, the likelihood that the Senate would get the votes needed to impeach both Biden and Harris is extremely low. We did; however, talk about how great it would be if Trump were the Speaker of the House. Trump would do what he says he would do, and too often the Republicans take control of the gavel and don't use the power they got.

While I had him on the phone line, I also had to bring up the fact that inflation under President Biden is now worse than it has been since 1982, the year that Diet Coke was first released. Were Paul Mushaben and Mark Wilson even on the air back then? They've been on the radio for 33 years as the Breakfast Flakes- have they ever seen inflation this bad?

Paul Mushaben: Oh, yeah, it's awful. In fact Aaron, I did start. That was my first year on the radio in October of 1982. Both Mark and I started in 1982. But inflation, you can't pump trillions of dollars into an economy that has no basis, no backing, they print it. If you and I were to do that, why we'd all be in jail. If we need a new washing machine and we just print a couple hundreds and go up to Fred's, we'd be in jail. The money has no value anymore. And I'll tell you, I feel sorry- small businessmen, farmers, ranchers, even families every day, they can not keep up with this current pace of inflation. We're heading for a train wreck. We're going to get a correction one of these days. And I hope if you have a New Year's resolution, I hope people get their ducks in a row. I hope people become bulletproof. I hope you save some money. Frugality is going to be important over the next year, and if you do those kinds of things, you'll be able to take it when it hits.

Paul also wanted to tell us what he thinks the next real uphill battle is going to be for our country. Listen to the full chat below:

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