The government is handing out weapons to citizens so they can defend themselves and their country? Yes, if you've been following the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine you heard it right.

For Montanans who cherish our 2nd Amendment rights, who enjoy firearms for sport, for hunting, and for self defense- we also know that those same guns might also be needed if our country were ever attacked.

As conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey wrote, "May you never wonder again why the the right to bear arms must never be infringed." That point was not lost on Montanans either.

Even our friends on the Left now seem to understand the importance of guns, while still failing to embrace the concept and the importance of gun rights. One of the reliably Left wing twitter accounts on the #MTPol (Montana Politics) hashtag on Twitter is an account by "The Montana Book Company" in Helena.

On Saturday morning they posted:

People seem to be baffled by Ukrainian citizens lining up for weapons so they can fight back. Why surprise? The options are become a Russian or a refugee. Seems like a simple choice.

What are we supposed to do- go get the guns from the local county health department? Do we need to schedule an appointment? Wait for our turn before we can defend our homes, our families, our country?

(By the way, for the anti-gun crowd out there. Here's a good definition of irony: "the full significance of a character's words or actions are clear to the audience or reader although unknown to the character.")




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