For residents of Missoula and the surrounding area, there's a new website that was recently launched to help ascertain and prepare for any potential disaster or emergency that may occur.

The website is called Missoula Ready and was developed by UM researcher Rebecca Bendick, associate professor in geosciences.

"My background is earthquake physics and over the years I've responded to lots of disasters all over the world," Bendick said. "What I've found most commonly is that people who lived in that area knew very little about the risk they faced. When I came home from these trips, I realized my own friends had very little access to information about natural hazards here in Missoula. So, we put together a webpage, and also an app for a mobile phone called hazard ready dot org, and it's one-stop shopping to tell you everything you need to know about potential hazards in this area."

Bendick said she spent a great deal of time coordinating with disaster and emergency responders in Missoula County and in the city in preparing the website.

"It took about two years to put the website together by the University of Montana working in partnership with the city and county of Missoula and it's free, so there's no reason not to be informed about potential natural disasters in your area."

By clicking on hazard ready dot org, you are directed immediately to Missoula Ready.