Over 2,400 students received 3,344 degrees from the University of Montana on Saturday inside the Adams Center.

They also enjoyed their commencement speaker, Griz Alum and Chief Operating Officer for Nike Corporation, Eric Sprunk, who looked ahead at what the future might hold.

“I don’t believe anybody born after today will need a drivers license ,or even know what one is,” said Sprunk. “And how great would it be literally to have your car drive you over to Bozeman, watch a good Grizzly ‘ass-whupping’of the Bobcats, have a couple of cocktails, and have your car drive you back?”

Sprunk went on to describe further breakthroughs already occurring in technology.

“Think about this,” he said. “People are now printing healthy human organs that are transplanted into human beings. Vaccines for Alzheimer’s, AIDS, and cancers are being created through machinery and artificial intelligence that you will wear, not ingest. What an incredible opportunity awaits you.”

Sprunk's mother and his son, former Grizzly football player Cooper Sprunk are all UM graduates, and it was said that Sprunk rides his maroon and sliver Grizzly cruiser bike around the Nike campus, surrounded by Oregon Ducks.

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