Today, Josh Rath spoke to Wes Ross, Organizer of #TroyStrong blood drives across the state of Montana, and father of Troy Ross.

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Troy was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness a few years back, and has thankfully recovered from that. But, without 9 pints of blood from donors like you, Troy may not have been here today.

Now, at 7 years old, Troy is like any other happy and healthy kid. Though, he wants to make sure others like him can also get the same life-saving blood transfusions, and is working toward that with #TroyStrong.

Watch the interview below to hear all about Troy's story from Wes Ross, and if you'd like to donate, you'll find the next #TroyStrong blood drive locations below the video.

Upcoming #TroyStrong Blood Drives

  • Butte June 24th 550 E. Mercury Street, Code TROY 
  • Miles City June 28th Miles Community College
  • Dillon June 29th 710 S Atlantic, Code TROYSTRONG
  • Bozeman June 30th 221 Strand Union, Code TROYSTRONG

Learn more about #TroyStrong blood drives, Troy and Wes Ross, and their future goals on their Facebook Page!

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