I had no idea this happens just up the road from Missoula, in St. Ignatius they drop pumpkins from planes every year for a good cause! This is video of last year but the event is coming up this year too.

The idea of chucking pumpkins out of planes sounds awesome and of course that actually happens in Montana. This years Pumpkin Drop is happening according to my St. Ignatius friend Steve Smith, this Saturday the 28th.

It is for a good cause too which makes it even more fun. Valley Banks Community Scholarship Fund posted this on Facebook:

HOW It WORKS - The field out at the St. Ignatius Airport will be marked as a grid. Numbered tickets will be sold for each square in the grid. The morning of the Pumpkin Drop, ticket numbers will be randomly assigned to the squares in the grid. Then the fun begins! ... Pumpkins will be dropped from an airplane onto the grid. If a pumpkin drops on your square, YOU WIN!!

TICKET COST- Tickets will be sold by area High School Seniors
for $20.00.

EVENT DAY BREAKFAST- Join us for a donation only breakfast & watch this fun event!! All proceeds benefit the scholarship fund.

I want to be the one throwing the pumpkin! "Bombs Away!"

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