At around 6:45 Friday night, Missoula Police officers were surveilling an apartment complex in the 500 of West Spruce Street. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says officers were on the scene because there had been previously reported drug activity at that location.

“The officers observed a male on a third-floor balcony that they recognized and they also had previous knowledge that that male had an outstanding warrant for his arrest,” Welsh said. “They surveilled the building for a little while and then observed several people going in and out of the building. At one point, several people exited the building at the same time. One of the males was also recognized as 35-year-old James Clark.”

According to Welsh, Clark left the apartment on foot and officers attempted to engage him. They called out his name, identified themselves as police, and told him to stop.

“Mr. Clark, instead, ran from them on foot,” Welsh said. “He was contacted a short distance away by another officer responding the call. He was taken into custody. Along the path of his flight, officers discovered a baggie of what they later determined to be methamphetamine and also drug paraphernalia consistent with the distribution of dangerous drugs.”

Welsh says the original male who was seen on the balcony ran as well and he was not located. Clark was wanted for a felony crime and he attempted to elude capture. As a result, Clark was charged with felony escape. He also faces charges of resisting arrest, obstructing a peace officer, parole violation, possession of drug paraphernalia, and criminal possession with intent to distribute.

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