With President Donald Trump due to touch down at the Missoula International Airport on Thursday afternoon, responding agencies from all over the area are in the loop, including Missoula Rural Fire District.

Chief Chris Newman explains.

“With President Trump coming into town there’s a lot going on and no time for sleep for anyone,” said Chief Newman. “They ask for assistance from all law enforcement and all emergency services. Since we still have structure fire jurisdiction at the airport, so we’re working together with the airport safety officers with what they call airport rescue firefighting, and because the actual Trump presentation will be taking place in the Minuteman Aviation hangar, we’ll be doing standby on that in case of any kind of structure fire, as well as making sure the fire code is being followed.”

Newman said the venue is large enough to hold several thousand people.

“A lot of that will depend on the configuration,” he said. “But, it’s definitely going to be in the thousands. It’s a good sized hangar. We haven’t received the final layout on how they’re going to have the stage set up or any other kind of seating, so that can really change the occupancy levels depending on fire code, but I do know attendance will be in the thousands."

The President is scheduled to appear at 6:30 p.m. and the doors to the venue will open at 3:30 p.m. at Minuteman Aviation at the Missoula International Airport.


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