Montana State University's Dr. David Parker talks about the latest polling numbers for the ballot initiatives in Montana, and he predicts that I-185 will fail. Catch the latest numbers, plus insight from Dr. Parker by clicking here or watching the video below. Parker joined us on our statewide radio talk show- Montana Talks.


Plus, why is Planned Parenthood giving big bucks to I-185, which would raise taxes along with making the Obamacare Medicaid expansion permanent? You might have missed this big news buried in a larger report about I-185 by the Montana Television Network's Mike Dennison:

Other big donors to the pro-I-185 effort include The Fairness Project, a Washington, D.C., group supporting Medicaid initiatives around the country ($275,000), SEIU 775 Montana, a labor union ($275,000), the Montana Federation of Public Employees, another labor union ($250,000) and Planned Parenthood of Montana ($110,000).

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