Summer is always the best time for vacations. Last weekend I took a little trip of my own and saw some fun things.

I may just be behind the times, but I have never seen a passing zone along side a double lane passing area. I had to take a picture just to describe it to anyone I was trying to tell.

One thing I didn't have to explain to people was how awesome it was to see wildlife up close at Yellowstone Park. I wasn't one of those people who went off trail to get a good picture, I took this safely from the car.

Just like all good things, weekend trips must come to and end and we have to get back to reality.

Although the weekend was over the fun did not stop. here is just always so many great things happening in Missoula.  On hot days like we had this week you can do things like eat some ice cream, or take a swim at Currents Aquatic Center.

If you're more of an outdoors person there is also a variety of things to do like attending Out To Lunch on Wednesdays or Downtown Tonight on Thursdays, taking a bike ride, going to the farmers market, or just fishing at your favorite local spot.

One of the things I did this week was finally start playing Pokemon Go! It is actually a pretty entertaining game and took me to a lot of cool places around Missoula, downtown in particular.

After a busy week it's nice to just have a relaxing weekend at home with friends and family and get ready to kick start the next week.

When you have busy week at work the weekends are the best time to relax and just have fun and Missoula is a great place for that.  So many great things are always happening in Missoula and it just takes a little time of getting out to explore to find those opportunities.


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