What a train wreck. The spiked poll. The mess of the caucus results. Could it be that the party that actually interfered in our elections and launched a coup against our president is up to their same old tricks?

That was my reaction to the mess in the Iowa Democrat Party caucuses, as vote totals were still not available late Tuesday morning. I shared my reaction via Facebook and Twitter and got some great reactions from many of you.

Here's some of the reactions that came in early Tuesday morning...

Senator Steve Daines (R-MT):

Word is the DNC is presenting a participation award to each of the candidates. #iowacaucus

John Lee:

And these are the same people who want to run our healthcare..‍♂️ They can’t even run a simple election.

Collin Wilson:

I have a feeling Bernie did really well, Biden had an abysmal showing, and now the DNC is freaking out. I'll be waiting for John Kerry to jump in now to spoil the vote some more.

Michael Fasbender:

Results probably showed Bernie by a landslide so the DNC stepped in to fix it.



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