36 year-old Aaron Beadle is in the Missoula County Jail on $10,000 bond after allegedly beating and strangling a woman and two boys.

At his Justice Court appearance on Wednesday before Justice of the Peace Alex Beal, Deputy County Attorney Meghann Paddock described what happened.

“In this case the defendant before the court having punched the children’s mother, turned on her 15 year-old son, placed him in a choke hold and strangled him to the point where his vision started going black,” said Paddock. “From the state’s perspective, the only reason he stopped is because the boy’s 12 year-old brother got involved and tried to stop him, causing the defendant to throw the boy off of him leaving a bruise and abrasion.”

Paddock said that Beadle was also involved in a previous assault.

“The mother of the children also disclosed a previous assault on the 9th when the defendant threw a modem at her leaving a significant bruise on her arm and then placed her in a choke hold as well, and the defendant was drinking at the time,” she said.

She went on to describe Beadle’s criminal history.

“He has a 2017 assault four domestic violence conviction out of the state of Washington,” she said. “He has convictions of criminal possession of dangerous drugs in Montana as well as misdemeanor theft. He also has a 2002 conviction for assault, criminal mischief and assault with a bodily fluid.”

Paddock asked that Beadle’s bond of $50,000 be maintained, however, Judge Beal set bail at $10,000 and should the bond be posted, that he be released only to pretrial supervision.

His next court appearance is May 24.



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