Recent polling from Gravis Marketing in Montana shows a lot of momentum for Republicans after the summer.

The big story in the polling is the U.S. House race between Republican Greg Gianforte and Democrat Kathleen Williams. Back in June, Williams was sporting a six point lead over Gianforte, but Gianforte has more than closed the gap: he is now leading Williams by nine points creating a 15 point swing in just three months’ time.

Screen Shots Courtesy of
Screen Shots Courtesy of

The poll, conducted during the third week of September shows that Democrat Jon Tester is still outpacing Republican Matt Rosendale in the U.S. Senate race, but his lead has declined since Gravis’ last poll in June when Tester had an eight point lead. That lead has been reduced to just four points in the newest poll released today, September 25.

The newest Gravis Poll contacted more than 200 more Montanans for the results than it did back in June when the sample size was just 469. Whether it’s the string of ads, the multiple visits from President Donald Trump or economic trends, both parties will undoubtedly be analyzing the poll for a deeper understanding of where the political winds are blowing.

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