It seems like every time Tim Montana launches a new song he gets national attention on Fox & Friends, typically with his fellow Butte native Rob O'Neill riding sidekick. He can easily fill his schedule with shows all over the country, but Tim Montana always likes coming home to Montana.

He is back in his home state rockin' Billings and Great Falls later this week. He plays the Pub Station in Billings on Thursday night, followed by the Beacon Ice House in Great Falls on Friday night.

Tim Montana called in to our statewide radio talk show- "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint"- on Tuesday's show. We got his take on TikTok, record companies signing artificial intelligence artists, and what message is connecting with listeners across the country right now.

About a year ago he was profiled by Rolling Stone for being a social media influencer, and expanding his presence as other artists got sidelined by COVID-19 impacts.

Aaron Flint: "Artists like you can really connect with people in the crowd. What do you think people are connecting to right now? Message wise, music wise, whatever."

Tim Montana: "I think authenticity is something that is, you know, you can't fake that. And that's something that, I've been in Nashville a long time, like 15 years. I've been told no, and shut out of town, and just had to keep going. But I think with the success of Yellowstone and these Western movies happening right now, the kind of people in the national and global level are looking at Montana. Unfortunately, they're all moving I'm just like, hey, born and raised in Montana, man. People kind of discovering music up there and what our state's all about."

Full audio of our chat:

Here's the schedule he shared with his 82,000 followers on Instagram.


Photo outside Pub Station. Credit Aaron Flint
Photo outside Pub Station. Credit Aaron Flint


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