You never know what we're going to talk about in the early morning hours of Montana Talks. Somehow we started by talking about Tim Montana's latest song, to Dr. Seuss, and ended up talking about COVID 19 vaccines...

Jimmy Failla is a former cab driver from New York who is able to say things like....well, like a cab driver from New York. He is the host of "Fox Across America" on Fox News Radio and joined us on Tuesday's Montana Talks.

We were planning on talking about COVID-19 vaccines, and how the federal government keeps moving the goalposts when it comes to COVID restrictions. We also were planning on talking about which states got it right (Florida and South Dakota), compared to which states got it wrong (New York and California).

We still talked about all of that, but of course, Jimmy Failla couldn't resist. He had to say something about the cancel culture's latest target: Dr. Seuss. And it was hilarious.

Listen to the full conversation by clicking below:

For background, just prior to starting our conversation with Jimmy Failla, I was talking about Travis Tritt's new song "Smoke in a Bar" written, in part, by Tim Montana. If you haven't heard the song yet, it's a very nostalgic well-written song about how times have changed.

That's when Tim in Savage, Montana mentioned Dr. Seuss:

I wonder if Tim Montana put in a line about when Dr. Seuss could still be read in America.

Apparently, Dr. Seuss is now being targeted because of the "racial undertones" in some of his books. With that, I leave you with this classic SNL rendition of Green Eggs and Ham, by Jesse Jackson.



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