Last week we told you about one of the most shocking items Congressional Democrats stuffed into the so-called COVID relief bill: the race-based farm loan forgiveness deal. Here's another shocking item that we also heard about: the federal COVID relief bill includes a provision blocking states from cutting taxes.

I first heard about that from Stephen Moore. You remember him from The Wall Street Journal and the Club for Growth. He was also a White House economic advisor under President Trump. Freedom Works did an analysis of the COVID bill which revealed a lot of very good insight into the expansion of the welfare state, how the bill discourages Americans from getting back to work, and how the bill also attempts to block states from cutting their taxes.

Here's the full audio of our chat with Stephen Moore from last week:


As one of our listeners in Kalispell pointed out, Hugh Hewitt also talked about this issue on his nationally syndicated program:


Montana's Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) is also weighing in. He is supporting legislation along with several other Republican Senators that would remove that provision from the COVID relief bill.

DAINES: The Democrats used the ‘COVID relief’ package as a way to usher in a new era of big government and crush the independence of state governments in the process. To punish states that offer their citizens tax relief is a shameful federal overreach and has nothing to do with combatting the pandemic. I will continue pushing back against the Left’s attempts to raise taxes and expand Washington’s power at the expense of Montana taxpayers.

Click here for the full text of the legislation.


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