There are some incredible unsung heroes in our embassies and in our US State Department. Those of us who have served in the US military can certainly attest to that. So can former Fox News reporter Heather Nauert, who now lives in Bozeman, Montana.

Nauert left Fox News after being asked by President Trump to serve as the spokeswoman for the US State Department.

She gave us her insight on the Biden Administration's ongoing disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the 15,000 US citizens still reportedly trapped behind enemy lines. She also confirmed news reports alleging that the Biden Administration cancelled a Trump-era State Department plan to help rescue Americans stranded overseas.

Heather Nauert: I can confirm that that story is true. I've heard from colleagues of mine at the State Department that they were poised to set up this crisis response group...and for some reason the Biden administration pulled this out. I don't know why. I don't know what's behind that. But it was- it's a ridiculous decision. It's a ridiculous decision and more bad decision making on the part of this administration as it pertains to Afghanistan.

Nauert says she is getting messages every day from Afghans and American citizens alike who can't get out of the country.

Heather Nauert: This has been such a complete disaster en masse, and we've left so many Americans in the lurch. It is not the fault of the Department of Defense, it is not the fault of the State Department. It's the fault of the administration. They failed to plan properly for this, obviously, and we know how to do it right. We're not doing it right. And I think the Biden Administration is just simply choosing not to, or it's complete ineptitude on the part of it.

What's the reaction from her friends inside the State Department?

Heather Nauert: They're disheartened. They're saddened. And they're sickened watching what is going on. I know the State Department catches a lot of flack sometimes for being overly bureaucratic. But their mission is good. Their mission is promoting the good work of America overseas and helping to protect and bring Americans home when they're in harm's way. The State Department brought home more than 100,000 people last year during COVID. That's what we do. We're experts at these types of evacuations and are used to coordinating so closely with the US military, as you would know from your time in the military. So there's nobody who actually is capable of doing this better than the State Department in conjunction with the Department of Defense.

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Can you imagine being the spokesperson for the State Department of the Department of Defense this week?

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