Six year-old Davidson began writing down his thoughts about his Dad, David, a Green Beret who was deployed numerous times in the Middle East.

Eventually, Davidson and his father, also a gifted illustrator, put a book together that might encourage and inspire other children whose parents were serving their country.

The book is called ‘Brave for my Family’, and it has become hugely popular with military families and the general public.

Davidson, his father, Dave, his mother Elizabeth and his baby sister Hadassah visited the KGVO studios on Wednesday that became an instant classic and a favorite show.

Davidson, now nine years-old, recited some of the individual pages from his book.

“A Green Beret trains in America by shooting guns, jumping out of airplanes and learning to speak different languages,” Davidson began. “They are tough, strong and brave. Dad went to Afghanistan. I felt sad. He had to go to Afghanistan because it was his turn to fight the terrorists. My Mom was sad, too. I hugged my Dad goodbye and then we prayed. I did not know if he was going to come back. I prayed every night that he would come back.”

His Dad, David, was gravely wounded in Afghanistan and went through months of rehabilitation at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. He is now recovered and will return to duty in January, leaving his family once again to serve his country.

David heaped praise on his wife, Elizabeth for being a tower of strength during his deployments.

“I don’t want to steal Elizabeth’s thunder, because she’s really been the one that’s been doing everything,” said David. “I was deployed while the book was published, and she did a bunch of interviews, sold our house and raised four kids, all while I was out of the picture. But, that’s the background of the story.”

Both David and Elizabeth have a strong faith in God, which Elizabeth credited as the source of their family’s strength.

“I couldn’t do it without Jesus,” said Elizabeth through tears. “It’s not pretty every day at home with home schooling and being the sole responsible one at home, so I have to give all glory to Jesus because he helps me through those times. There are also people who call me and send those encouraging texts, and it means so much.”

David said he and his son split the royalties from the sale of the book, as Davidson is the author, while he was the illustrator. Davidson’s share goes into his college fund, while David distributes his share among several military charities.
The book, ‘Strong for my Family’ is available through Amazon or at any local bookstore.

Here is the full interview with Davidson, David and Elizabeth.


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