Since Montana has some of the highest numbers of veterans per capita in the country, it is no surprise that a lot of you are reaching out and asking me what you can do to help our friends in Afghanistan.

First off, there are some incredible stories about American military veterans and former intelligence operatives and what they are doing to help get Americans, our interpreters, and other friends out of the country.

ABC News shared a story about "Task Force Pineapple," where current and former special operations personnel were using their networks and their skills to help get their friends to safety.

Other former members of the military and CIA have consolidated their own efforts with a separate group calling itself "Task Force Dunkirk," a reference to the massive evacuation of British and other Allied forces from France in 1940 under threat of the Nazi juggernaut.

Fox News described how veterans are using open source intelligence, even from back home in the US, to help friendly Afghans on the ground:

A network of "hundreds of thousands" of people, including analysts using satellite imagery to locate Taliban checkpoints surrounding the Kabul airport, are coordinating to evacuate Afghan interpreters from the country, an Afghanistan war veteran and member of the coalition told Fox News.

The story above featured Matt Zeller who is part of the No One Left Behind project.

James Miervaldis is the Chairman of No One Left Behind and joined us on Tuesday's Montana Talks.

Here's the audio:

When I asked him what Montanans can do to help out, he urged us to check out the website Through that website, we can not only help our Afghan friends get out of the country, but you can also help them after they land at their final location as well.


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