Hamilton Police were called to the scene of yet another vehicle crashing into a building yesterday morning.

“Just shortly before 8:30 this morning officers were dispatched to the Subway store here in Hamilton,” said Hamilton Police Chief Ryan Oster. “There was a full sized pick-up that was driving northbound on 93, the driver began choking on something that he was eating, and he pulled off into the parking lot of the Subway, had some further medical issues, and ended up striking the building. “

A similar event happened in late March, when Hamilton police responded to a vehicle that crashed into the kitchen of The Ravalli County Council on Aging. Remarkably, this time, no one was hurt.

“There were some employees in the building, but nobody was injured thankfully,” Oser said. “The entire cab portion of the vehicle was inside the building and there was significant damage.”

Oster says an investigation is still underway, but that it is possible that the 56-year-old driver may have blacked out during the choking event.