How did I miss it? I know. I was more focused on covering the big visit by the Vice President of the United States to Belgrade, Montana. I was more focused on getting the Montana angle to the VP's visit and his remarks. So I missed it. I missed the big headline that should be getting national attention right now. It's the big headline that you won't see on MSNBC or CNN- "Obama's Tribe Endorses Trump."

Tuesday morning on the radio, I was playing some of the highlights from the event in Belgrade, Montana featuring VP Mike Pence. Towards the end of the show I got an email from a listener named Twila:

I've been laughing all morning after hearing that the same Crow tribe that had a huge ceremony adopting the Obama's into the tribe is now endorsing Trump! Love your show!

Twila nailed it. This was the big national news on Monday that seemingly got missed: the same tribe that adopted former President Barack Obama into their tribe back in 2008 (and then got nothing from the Obama/Biden Administration for 8 years), is now the same tribe backing President Donald Trump's re-election.

During remarks after a ceremony on stage with Vice President Pence, Crow Tribal Chairman (and US Marine Corps veteran) AJ Not Afraid announced the official endorsement of the Trump 2020 re-election campaign.

Chairman Not Afraid began his remarks by saying, "The Crow Tribe is a coal tribe. The Crow Tribe is an energy tribe." He added:

Today I stand before you, I stand here to endorse as well as support President Trump, Vice President Pence, Senator Daines, my good friend Matt Rosendale, and last but not least- "Superman' Gianforte.

Here's the full video clip via C-SPAN.



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