Okay. I know I probably should've used the old school Jon Stewart from The Daily Show question mark headline deal on this story...but let's be honest- President Trump is coming back to Montana. Is there really any question?

Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) basically hinted as much from Air Force 2 where he tweeted out a photo of himself alongside Vice President Mike Pence during a visit to Montana. "See you soon," he apparently told President Trump over the phone.

Was he simply going to see the president back in Washington, DC, or is the president planning another trip to Big Sky Country before the November elections? That was basically the question asked by NBC Montana's Maritsa Georgiou. Daines responded, "Stay tuned."

Even prior to the senator's tweets, you could pretty much guarantee an appearance by President Donald Trump this Fall in Montana, where the important US Senate race featuring Senator Daines could decide which party controls the chamber.

It's even more likely that President Trump will come back to the state, following the successful rally featuring Vice President Mike Pence. The event was held outdoors, and masks were passed out to any who didn't have masks with them. Many, of course chose not to wear masks.


Meanwhile, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is out with a new ad hitting Daines' opponent, noting that liberal Gov. Steve Bullock "packed his Coronavirus task force with his biggest donors, while holding nearly 70% of stimulus money hostage from struggling families and businesses. Montanans can’t trust him."

Here's the video:



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