Vice President Mike Pence wasn't just asking Montana voters for 4 more years. He was asking for 6 more years- for Montana's Republican Senator Steve Daines.

The vice president, speaking before an outdoor crowd at the Big Yellow Barn in Belgrade, Montana, hammered Joe Biden and Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock for failing to stand up for law enforcement, for embracing the radical left, and for seeking to destroy American energy jobs through a carbon tax.

Credit Aaron Flint, Montana Talks
Credit Aaron Flint, Montana Talks

Vice President Pence also received the official endorsement of the Crow Tribe on behalf of President Trump, as Crow Tribal Chairman A.J. Not Afraid announced the endorsement of Trump and Pence in front of the crowd.

Here's the full video via C-SPAN.

I also shared some pictures and video on my "Flint Report" Facebook page. Here's video of the Vice President's motorcade first arriving at the event:

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