It's called "Human Plus," and it shows ways that low-tech and high-tech tools have helped the human body do more. An interactive display that will engage your mind is one of two new exhibits opening on January 22 at the premiere Bozeman museum, Museum of the Rockies."

"Human Plus" is one of these experiences that letss you interact with the displays. And some experiences are a simulated downhill mono-ski course, a wheelchair that is hooked into a DJ setup, a computer mouse that is moved by slight movements of your head, and a touch panel that turns music into vibrations. You can even "supersize" your strength. The National Science Foundation funded this exhibit, which is good for the whole family.

The other exhibit, according to Montana State University News Service, is simply called "Luster" (photos below). It's a traveling exhibit of more than 45 paintings of automobiles and motorcycles, many from the post-World War ii boom years in the 1950s. Alicia Harvey, the director of marketing, said the paintings show off the classic tail fins of those past cars and also great renditions of motorcycles and some race cars.

luster photos
Luster exhibit includes lots of shine. (MSU News Service-provided photos)

Harvey said in the news release, "Whether caring for children or reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, these stories will captivate our visitors and engage them in the process of discovery and possibilities." Both exhibits will be on display through May 1 and are both are included in the price of admission.

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