Police received a call early Saturday from a Missoulian who said his vehicle was stolen from right outside his residence.

"Missoula Police received a call reporting a vehicle theft in the 500 block of South Catlin," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "An officer responded, made contact with a male that reported and who claimed that he was warming up his vehicle prior to leaving for the morning and after being in the house for approximately ten minutes, came out and found that the vehicle was gone."

Just after midnight on Sunday, December 17th, an officer noticed the missing vehicle at a local convenience store, but it was unoccupied so he decided to wait.

"The officer went into the parking lot and waited, he noticed there was only one male customer in the store talking to the clerk," Welsh said. "That male came out and the officers made contact with him and subsequently arrested him for the theft of the vehicle. There were items in the vehicle that later tested positive for heroine, there were also syringes in the vehicle. The suspect is identified as Corey Williams and he is 32-years-old."

Williams is facing six separate charges including two felonies: one for theft and one for drugs. He is also facing a misdemeanor charge of theft, Welsh says officers found a pair of gloves on the man that had been shoplifted from the convenience store moments before his arrest.

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