Did you know there was a new movie coming out based on the life of a man who was raised in Montana? And did you know the guy they got to play him was Mark Wahlberg?

That's right, the leader of the Funky Bunch himself!

...and ok, sure, the star of films like The DepartedThe Other GuysBoogie Nights, and one of my favorites, Pain & Gain.

Wahlberg has a new moving coming out in April called Father Stu, based on the life of Stuart Long, a priest who was raised in Helena before leaving for Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film industry. He eventually felt a call to the priesthood and returned to Helena in 2010, where he spent the remainder of his days - he died in 2014 at the age of 50. You may remember that Wahlberg underwent a pretty drastic transformation when taking on the role.

Now, according to the Helena Independent Record, the film production is paying tribute to Stuart Long's Montana roots by bringing the film to Helena for a special screening before the film's release.

Mark Wahlberg Is Headed to Montana to Screen Father Stu

There will be a special screening of Father Stu at the Cinemark Helena theater on April 4th with Mark Wahlberg and director Rosalind Ross in attendance. The screening is invite-only, and there will be a red carpet event before the movie.

Of course, this isn't the first time this year that Montana was home to special premiere screening of a film - I was at the premiere of Ted K in Missoula just a few weeks ago (although Father Stu's subject seems like a nicer guy than, you know, the Unabomber).

Are you excited to check out Father Stu when it hits theaters on April 15th? Will you be searching for Mark Wahlberg on the streets of Helena before or after the movie? Whatever you do, make sure you say hi to your mother for him, alright?

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