Great news. A Billings pharmacy will soon be selling Montana-made baby formula. Kyle Austin with Pharm406 in Billings tells us that the first shipment is on its way and could be there any day.

For those who missed our story back on May 26th, we told you about the Billings-based All American Pharmaceuticals. They already produce baby formula right here in Montana. They can sell the formula for infants in Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere, but they can't sell it for infants here in America due to the federal government's regulatory hurdles.

Kyle Austin with Pharm406 in Billings, who is also a Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives in the Eastern District, shared the news:

I am pleased to announce the first shipment of MADE IN MONTANA baby formula is on its way to PHARM406. The formula is produced at All American Pharmaceuticals and will give exclusivity to Pharm406 for this product.
If mothers are needing formula or just want to go with a local pure “made in montana” product, they can call pharm406 for pickup or shipping details.

I recently caught up with Dr. Jeff Golini with All American Pharmaceuticals in Billings. They produce EFX Sports products which can be found in nutrition stores all over the world. I use their pre-workout and BCAA when I go to gyms like 9Round kickboxing.

Even though he can't market the baby formula to infants 12 months and younger, he says the baby formula is basically the same product as what is already approved for infants. As a result, he says he now plans to sell his baby formula right here in Montana in the coming weeks -- he just can't market it to infants 12 months and younger.

The bottom line is this: The formula is safe; our federal government is just a mess.

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