The ever-popular "Shakespeare in the Parks" will start their ambitious summer tour June 12th, with performances in Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, Washington and Wyoming. The comedy this year will be "The Merry Wives of Windsor," featuring the comical Falstaff. The drama this year on the outdoor stages will be "Henry IV, Part 1," with the theme of the true meaning of honor. Because of over a dozen major sponsors, the Bozeman-based group can offer free admission to most of the performances. The sponsors include the National Endowment of the Arts and the Montana Arts Council.

The traveling troupes will cover over 7,000 miles from June through September 3rd, with a presentation of "Henry IV" in Hamilton on the Large Lawn of the Sapphire Lutheran Homes August 22 and both plays on the UM Oval in Missoula - "Merry Wives of Windsor" August 26 and "Henry IV" on August 27. Other nearby shows include Deer Lodge, Philipsburg, Charlo, St.Ignatius, Dillon and Salmon, Idaho. Check the full tour at their website.

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