The Old Farmers Almanac has predicted a harsh winter for much of the United States, dubbing it the 'Refriger-Nation' for 2014-2015, but western Montana will be spared.

Old Farmers Almanac Editor Janice Stillman said on Thursday, that the upcoming winter will be intensely cold, especially in the east.

"We're forecasting 'Refriger-Nation' for the eastern two-thirds of the country," Stillman said. "But, you folks in the western third of the country, pretty much west of the Continental Divide will be slightly above normal, milder relatively speaking, with a little less snow and precipitation. Not no snow, but a little less that you're used to."

Stillman provided examples of the temperatures the Missoula area can expect from November through March.

"November will be a bit chilly, but December will be about two degrees above average ," Stillman said. "January will be seven degrees above average, and that's above freezing, by the way. It'll be five degrees above average in February, and then March will be a little bit cooler, but even still, well above freezing."

Stillman said there may be a couple of snowstorms in the area in early 2015.

"Snowstorms are predicted, one in February and another in March, but they're in the southern portion of western Montana, so they may just skim by you," she said."Yes, there will be snow, but nothing like that event last year."

The Old farmers Almanac has been published continuously since 1792, making it the oldest published periodical in North America.

Old Farmers Almanac Editor Janice Stillman

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