Missoula police had to use their vehicles to pin in a suspected burglar on Saturday morning, August 5, after concerned neighbors called in to report a suspicious man trying to gain entry into a residence on 55th street. Missoula Police Public information Officer Travis Welsh says the call came in just before 6:00 am.

"Neighbors reported seeing a male at an adjacent resident's window, apparently trying to make entry," Welsh said. "When officers arrived they noticed a couple of males who were outside talking, one of the males was sitting in a jeep, but when the officer approached the Jeep fled the scene."

Officers soon discovered that the Jeep had been stolen from in front of a nearby residence and a chase began.

"The officers began to pursue the suspect in the stolen jeep who actually went down the hill, before he turned and came back up the hill," Welsh said. "it pulled into Oakhurst court, which is off of Garland Drive between 23rd avenue and Hillview, officers then made contact with the vehicle, pinning it into place so he couldn't continue to drive."

Police then apprehended 26-year-old Pitaskumappi Green, who struggled against their attempts to place handcuffs. Green faces eight separate charges including three felonies for Theft, Burglary and Criminal Endangerment. His bond was placed at nearly 152,000 dollars.


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