A plan to poison a creek near Yellowstone and populate it with pure cutthroat trout is open for public comment through Friday. Jason Lindstrom with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks said in order to get fish out of the area, a chemical called rotenone will be used.

"So the proposed project entails a section of Soda Butte Creek upstream of Icebox Canyon to the headwaters above Cooke City," Lindstrom said. "It would involve removal of the non-native brook trout, invasive brook trout, and the Yellowstone cutthroat trout within Soda Butte Creek."

Lindstrom said right now, this is just a proposed project, but tentatively, documents on the FWP website suggest August of this year as the start date.

"Currently within Soda Butte, there are non-native brook trout residing in the stream and are expanding downstream. We've been able to suppress the population, so we've been able to keep the densities of fish down with mechanical removal using electrofishing, however those fish continue to move downstream in Soda Butte," Lindstrom said. "The concern is if those fish continue downstream, they could potentially get into the Lamar drainage. At that point in time, it would be very, very difficult to control that population because its in such a large drainage."

A final decision is expected in the weeks following the public comment period.