"Both Ways Bullock" Trashing Keystone Pipeline
Wait a minute. Isn't this the same governor who used to pretend to be a moderate who supported the Keystone XL pipeline? That was my first reaction to this story in The Sidney Herald about Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) taking shots at the Keystone XL pipeline, a project that bring tens of milli…
Donald Trump Jr. Coming to Helena Sunday
Donald Trump, Jr. is coming back to Montana later this week, according to sources I spoke with inside the gubernatorial campaign of Congressman Greg Gianforte (R-MT). The president's son is planning a hunting trip in state along with attending a fundraiser in support of Gianforte's guberna…
Pt. 2: Lara Logan in Studio on Montana Talks [AUDIO]
But what did she have to say about impeachment? That's what a few folks asked me after Thursday's show when I interviewed the famed 60 Minutes war correspondent Lara Logan over the phone. So that's right where we started on Friday's show as Lara Logan joined us live in studio on …
New Book Details Montanans in WWI [AUDIO]
From the yeomanettes, to the "hello girls," the Marine Corps "Devil Dogs," and more- a new book details the Montanans who served in WWI. The great Montana historian Ken Robison has a new book out called Montanans in the Great War: Open Warfare Over There.

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