Three more defendants in an identity theft ring that so far has affected over 47 victims in the Missoula area appeared in justice court on Thursday.

43 year-old Tamara Smola, 39 year-old Darcy Segal and 34 year-old Regina Leistiko have been charged with multiple counts of theft, forgery and identity theft. Deputy Missoula County Attorney Karla Painter described the wide-ranging scheme, beginning with Tamara Smola.

"I'm recommending bail in the amount of $100,000," Painter began. "The defendant was part of a large ring involved in a substantial felony theft as well as identity theft, forgery, deceptive practices. Essentially, she was one of the primary actors where they would steal information and use stolen and forged checks to procure money from innocent businesses and victims.The total losses here are well over $20,000, and there are over 47 victims ."

Judge Marie Anderson placed Smola in jail on $75,000 bond.

Next to appear was 39 year-old Darcy Segal.

photo from MCSO
Darcy Segal

"Same song, different verse, Judge," she said. "I'm requesting $100,000 bond for the same reasons. The difference here is that Ms. Segal has a significant criminal history. In fact, she has a pending felony case with me in which she pleaded guilty and we're awaiting sentencing."

Judge Anderson placed Segal back in jail on $100,000 bond.

Last to appear was 34 year-old Regina Leistiko.

photo from MCSO
Regina Leistiko

"I'm recommending bond at $75,000 for this defendant," she said. "Although Ms Leistiko was involved, it wasn't anywhere near the same extent as the other two defendants. Also, she has a more limited criminal history. I would ask that she, along with the other defendants have no contact with each other."

Judge Anderson set Leistiko's bond at $50,000.

Painter advises anyone in the Missoula area who may believe their mail has been stolen or their identities compromised, should contact Detective Stacey Lear with the Missoula Police Depart at 552-6300.

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